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Progressive Retail Analysis: Trending

Progressive Retail Analysis: Trending

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Company Profile

A publicly listed (NYSE) apparel manufacturer and sales company wanted greater visibility into how well each department was performing. Their challenge was that their data was sitting in spreadsheets and multiple systems: ERP, financial systems, Salesforce CRM, social media platforms, and a legacy data warehouse. The goal was to centralize the data in one secure location and provide real-time updates and insights for each department.

Before using SRK     Now with SRK
  • Management could not quickly identify accurate inventory levels, resulting in stock-out situations and revenue loss.
  • Headquarters could not easily cross- reference data from multiple systems to obtain real-time updates, preventing them from making just-in-time accurate decisions.
  • Data was scattered in multiple store locations, taking a lot of time to consolidate individual spreadsheets and analysis for review. Upper management was using outdated information to support their decisions.
  • Automatic alerts immediately detect when current inventory levels approach the lower limit, allowing just-in-time replenishment and fulfillment of orders.
  • Centralized data and analysis logic streamlines internal processes. Headquarters can monitor joined analysis from multiple sources to make decisions quickly and accurately.
  • A well-organized collaboration hub enables managers to reduce time-lag when updating information, rapidly respond to market changes, and turn analysis results into actionable solutions.

  • Empowered managers with real-time intelligence about top margins on products sold, opportunities to improve sales, and marketing strategies to generate higher profits.
  • Increase revenue by tracking and strengthening marketing and promotional efforts.