SRK: DrivenBI Innovation
Replace spreadsheets in your business analysis for decision making

SRK is the next generation of cloud data analysis for business. The cloud base data analytics platform replaces spreadsheet as the analysis engine in the cloud. Organizations can set and forget the system with the knowledge that their data is forever attributed and secure, without having to rely on IT.

SRK: The Cloud-Based Analytics Engine

SRK: The Self-Service Analysis Engine to replace spreadsheets

SRK Platform

SRK provides centralized, flexible Data Analytics as a Service that replace tedious data collation to reach fast, efficient operational decisions. The SRK cloud-based platform includes:

  • Seamless Aggregation — Integrate data from multiple sources using common portable data standards
  • Automated Analytics — Merge data sources efficiently to lead to agile reporting and analysis
  • Cloud Control — Achieve consistency and security in the cloud with SRK’s built-in multi-tenancy
  • Operational Ownership — Promote self-reliance within departments with actionable sharing across an organization

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The iDMS Legacy

DrivenBI solutions originated from the foundation of iDMS (intelligent Data Management System) platform that manages three layers of data management – data, logic and presentation. The iDMS system aggregates and manages data, security and distribution of insights to deliver an integrated business intelligence layer on top of our technology partners’ product offerings and increase revenue for them.

Further Information

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